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Eurovision in Italy, Torino will host the event!

2021-10-09 17:49

Perform School of music

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Eurovision in Italy, Torino will host the event!

Maneskin had already given some interesting signals towards a new interest in "played" music [...] We think that Eurovision ...




Eurovision - Torino, May 2022.



Over the years our school has specialized in certified international training and we have always tried to relate our students to the real professional world and with a global vision.

Already the victory of the Maneskin (and we do not want to enter into the diatribe whether or not they are good or if they are liked or not) had given interesting signals towards a new interest in "played" music, after a period in which technology had taken over, almost replacing the real author in the creation process.

We had noticed this in the rehearsal rooms, as well as in requests for information about the courses. Even in the younger aspiring pupils.

We think that this event - Eurovision, although there are those who criticize it for its very "scenic" aspect almost to the detriment of the music, can be an interesting stimulus to understand that the music industry, in one way or in the other, it generates movement. In all senses.

And certainly also from an economic point of view, the implications are important. For those who are not in the sector, just read the Corriere article (link below). Very often we forget all the induced that the music itself generates.


And, finally, for us at the Perform School of music, we must say that it happens at an important moment in our path.

In a year in which we have a new large headquarters, students who now come from different regions, a multi-year international project that will finally be revealed and the possibility of accompanying our students with teaching that starts with children and reaches international degrees and bachelors.

We know that we come from one of the most uncertain moments of the last century but, how to say, maybe you can try to have a little confidence and try to look forward with a little more positivity. Perhaps trying to change a static and negative situation, also thanks to music.

On the other hand, the darkest moments of each historical period have allowed music and the arts to express themselves at their best, with works that have marked the following times.

Let's think only of the decade 1964/1974 for example, just referring to the music.

Utopia? Perhaps. But we try to do our best.

Read the Corriere article to learn more about the event and its implications (click here)

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