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Perform School of music is an official RSL Awards examination centre
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What they are

Which one

Some of the subjects in this section are included in the full-time course.

In addition, for some of these, it is possible to take the exams for obtaining international qualifications.

The special courses are generally developed on quarterly modules and are group courses.

Depending on the type of course, the lessons can be online or face-to-face.

Special courses are designed to go deeper on a specific topic.

They also include vocational courses.

Various topics are covered in the special courses: Business, Production, Music Theory, Latin Drumming, Rhythmic study for non-drummers, etc.

Music courses

A guided vocal training, for all levels

As in the gym you learn to know, tone up, train the muscles of your body, in this course you will do a guided vocal training that will help you learn and

practice an exercise routine.

So, it can also be complementary to attending a singing course, to achieve greater awareness of your instrument, your body and its consequent use.

- keep the muscles involved in singing elastic, reactive and robust

- improve the knowledge of the instrument to have more awareness, fluency and versatility

- improve musical skills to have more control

- make automatic mechanisms useful for singing more freely

- improve your musical ear and sense of rhythm

- enhance your particular vocal timbre and recognize your strengths

- play with your mind so that it activates for and not against singing, as unfortunately it often happens

- sing autonomously a melody written on a musical score, sing and recreate simple harmonies with other voices and ... much more.

1 h/week




50,00 + subscription fee

Subscription fee:

Annual: payable in instalments
630,00 euros



Module 1: Breathing

Module 2: Warm up

Module 3: Ear training

Module 4: Sung Solfeggio

Module 5: Timing

Module 6: Harmonizations

Module 7: Stage behavior

Module 8: Microphone singing and voice management in the rehearsal room 

Module 9: Management of sound boxes and register passages 

Module 10: Interpretation and stage management







Why learn the theory of music?
Because knowledge of the theory allows the growth of expressive awareness, which involves a better improvisational ability, a greater compositional maturity, a greater mastery of technical aspects, which inevitably involve writing and thus creating better songs!

The course will foresee practical tests for the student to be performed at home between one lesson and another to increase learning and facilitate its monitoring

by the teacher. Music production, together with Music theory, is one of the subjects for which the certified international exam can be taken.

Introduction to modern issues of the music industry with particular attention to the digital revolution that has occurred in the last two decades in the music market: regulatory aspects related to music activity, copyright, editorial issues and related rights, design and management of promotional plans, etc.





The course was born from the idea of Paolo Gambino to tackle a series of issues relating to the complex world of keyboard instruments. The vastness of the knowledge necessary for an excellent use of these instruments often makes it impossible to deepen them during a normal course of instrument. Everything you would like to know but which usually cannot be dealt with - or otherwise difficult to do - in a normal piano and keyboard course!

The course, conceived by Alessandra Turri, is a collective weekly training divided into several modules. The execution of the different specific exercises on various topics does not necessarily involve the execution of entire songs. Even though it is possible to sing specific examples on tunes chosen by the teacher.

An introduction to the most important Latin rhythms for every drummer to know, starting from the Brazilian world to the most complex Afro-Cuban styles. All with live performances for each unit. A stimulating class, held by Gianluca Palmieri, professor of Latin drums at the Musicians Institute in

Los Angeles. The Latin Drumming course is spread over two quarters instead of three.

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Music lessons and courses



Scholarships now available for
Perform School of music, News, Courses, Scholarships, Scholarships,

Scholarships now available for "Part-Time" and "Full-time" courses

Perform School of music

2022-06-08 11:16

Scholarships for internationally certified music courses

And then it happens that the results arrive ...
Perform School of music, News, Perform School of music, Results, Exams, International examinations, Diploma, Students,

And then it happens that the results arrive ...

Perform School of music

2021-08-07 15:25

"Then it happens that the results arrive ... On a famous Italian Ship the phrase 'Not who begins but what perseveres' stands out. It immediately came back to me

Perform School of music, News, Torino,

A thought and a video dedicated to the students, colleagues and partners of the Perform School of music

Alex Bonacci

2022-09-10 20:25

We want to dedicate this video that collects some of the beauties of the city of Turin to all the students who study with us and to those who are coming

DS drum Venom tour by FBT a Torino
Perform School of music, Rehearsal rooms, News, News, Events, Perform School of music, Torino, DS drum, Gabriele Morcavallo, Luca Deorsola, FBT, Venom, Tour, Drum Sound, Drums, Drummers, Workshop, Clinic, 30 aprile, events,

DS drum Venom tour by FBT a Torino

Perform School of music

2022-03-19 09:00

Il 30 aprile, il batterista Gabriele Morcavallo e il CEO della DS drum, Luca Deorsola, ospiti in occasione della data del DS Venom Tour della FBT

Summer City Camp 2022
Perform School of music, News, Partnerships, L'Italiano Porticando, Perform School of music, 2022, Torino, L'Italiano Porticando, Summer City Camp, Summer courses, Camp, Summer Camp , Estate ragazzi, Summer 2022, Turin, Italy,

Summer City Camp 2022

Perform School of music

2022-01-18 12:22

Summer City Camp 2022, ease learning Italian by playing fun educational games, during the language classes at school in the mornings, and in the afternoon activ

Eurovision in Italy, Torino will host the event!
Perform School of music, News, Perform School of music, International training framework, Eurovision, 2022, Torino, Maneskin, Evento musicale, Musica, Contest, PalaAlpitour, Eurovision village, Piazza san Carlo,

Eurovision in Italy, Torino will host the event!

Perform School of music

2021-10-09 16:49

Maneskin had already given some interesting signals towards a new interest in "played" music [...] We think that Eurovision ...

Martino Vacca nuovo insegnante di Music Production della Perform School of music
Perform School of music, News, Teachers, Courses,

Martino Vacca nuovo insegnante di Music Production della Perform School of music

Perform School of music

2021-09-11 15:16

Nuovo insegnante per la Perform School of music. Martino Vacca entrerà nel team e gestirà il corso di Music Production.

Framework internazionale della didattica: EQF, Grades e livelli [reprise]
Perform School of music, Courses, EQF, Perform School of music, Training, EQF, UCAS, Progetto pilota scuole, Trinity College, RSL, ABRSM, International training framework, MIUR, Formazione internazionale, International certifications, Alex Bonacci, MLC academy, European Qualification Framework, European Qualifications Framework, BLOM,

Framework internazionale della didattica: EQF, Grades e livelli [reprise]

Perform School of music

2021-08-25 21:46

Un interessante approfondimento per conoscere meglio la struttura internazionale della didattica musicale, mediante spunti e riflessioni sviluppate negli anni

New Perform School of music official site
Perform School of music, Rehearsal rooms, News,

New Perform School of music official site

Perform School of music

2021-07-09 11:56

Perform School of music, new courses a.a.2021/22, new website, new premises in Turin!

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