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Musical Disclosure by Perform School of music Episode 115

2024-07-08 19:41

Editorial staff Perform School of music

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Musical Disclosure by Perform School of music Episode 115

First appointment of the week dedicated to Pino Daniele.

Welcome back for a new week with Musical Disclosure. The next three appointments are dedicated to a giant of Italian, Neapolitan, and international music.

From an early age, Pino Daniele showed a profound passion for music. His first performance at twelve years old, though marked by a vocal slip, revealed to him the authentic meaning of the stage. He continued his studies at the Armando Diaz Institute in Naples, where he graduated in accounting and learned to play the guitar as a self-taught musician. The social protests of the Sixties deeply influenced his artistic expression. Daniele began his musical career with the band New Jet, founded with his classmate Gino Giglio. However, his first significant experiences were with the group Batracomiomachia, formed with Paolo Raffone, Rosario Jermano, Rino Zurzolo, Enzo Avitabile, and Enzo Ciervo. In 1975, Pino Daniele began his activity as a session musician, playing in the unreleased album by Mario Musella, which was only published in 2012. The following year, he participated in Jenny Sorrenti's album Suspiro and Gianni Nazzaro's Le due facce, also accompanying Bobby Solo on tour. In 1976, Daniele joined Napoli Centrale as a bassist, coming into contact with prominent musicians like James Senese. Senese significantly contributed to Daniele's musical growth, participating in the creation of several of his albums. That same year, producer Claudio Poggi of EMI Italiana noticed a demo tape by the young singer-songwriter and decided to support him. This led to the release of the 45 rpm single "Che calore/Fortunato" and, in 1977, his debut album "Terra mia," which expressed a deep connection to Neapolitan and Mediterranean traditions. With the 1979 album "Pino Daniele," the singer-songwriter moved closer to blues, distancing himself from Neapolitan music influences. The 1980s marked Daniele's artistic consecration, starting with the opening of Bob Marley's concert at San Siro in 1980 and the release of "Nero a metà," an album that fused Latin blues and Mediterranean sounds. The 1981 album "Vai mo'" consolidated the "Neapolitan Power," blending blues, jazz, funk, and rock. Songs like Yes I Know My Way and Viento 'e terra reflect this artistic innovation. In 1982, Daniele collaborated with international musicians like Alphonso Johnson and Wayne Shorter on the album "Bella 'mbriana," continuing his journey of musical fusion. In 1984, he opened for Carlos Santana and Bob Dylan in Milan and released "Musicante," an album that combined Mediterranean, Arabic, and Brazilian sounds. The following year saw the release of "Ferryboat," an album synthesizing various musical experiences. 1987 saw the release of "Bonne soirée," an album of rupture with international sounds, followed in 1988 by "Schizzechea with Love," awarded the Targa Tenco. The decade concluded with "Mascalzone latino," an album with acoustic and Latin sounds, and the song "Anna verrà," dedicated to Anna Magnani.

Today's listening recommendation is "Napule è" from the album "Terra mia." Enjoy your listening!

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