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Our goal is to provide customers with international training, both in terms of teaching methods and mental approach to music, focusing our attention on the real problems encountered during the actual work of the musician, either working on tour or in the recording studio.


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Summer courses

"Summer courses" are dedicated to the instrumental and singing classes available for children up to 10 years, for teenagers and adults (25 to 60+).

New subscriptions accepted in this moment for the summer 2021, fill in the form.
It is not binding but provides the right of first refusal if you then wish to proceed with the registration.

The student can participate in several lessons during the course of the week and the lessons can be held in-site, or for adults (or for those wishing to participate from afar) even online. They are divided into "Premiere" (up to 10 years) and "Debut" (11 to 60+ years) courses.

A.I.R. Programme - Artist In Residence

Perform School of music is unique. Whether studying for fun or professional gain, Perform school has flexible, accredited pathways available. We have partnered our school with MLC Academy in England which enables us to offer university-level diplomas in music performance and teaching to our students.  That's not all!
Because of this dynamic partnership, Perform School of music graduates have the opportunity to study at a state-of-the-art facility in Nottingham and have greater employment opportunities. Further details about this exciting partnership will be released later this year.

Also interesting are the professional courses of "Music Production" and "Music Theory".


"Preparatori" course

The educational offer of the "Preparatori" courses is based on a one-hour commitment per week.
The courses allow those starting from scratch to approach the world of music and introduce the student to the vision of the school and to the international training system. They tend to be for children aged 8 to 10 years.

Part-time course

The "Part-time" training offer for instrument and singing courses is based on a weekly commitment.
This course differs from the "Full-time" course only by the number of hours the student attends and the subjects included in the fee: the teaching body is in fact the same as the "Full-time" course.

Full-time course

The "Full-time" training offer on instrument and singing courses is based on a more consistent weekly commitment.
The course will see the student engaged in a weekly frequency characterized by a greater number of lesson hours and professionalizing courses.

Special courses

Training also covers areas that are not instrumental, such as subjects such as Music Business and Music Production. Other courses in this section are Contemporary Jazz Guitar, Weissenborn guitar, Music Theory, etc.

The collaboration with the SMB - Scuola di music business has also allowed us to develop the interdisciplinary course of Music Industry, which allows us to investigate different aspects of the professional world.

Some of the courses in this section are included in the training course of the "Full-time" course.

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Official examinations center RSL Awards.

The courses that allow the students to reach international certifications are those dedicated to the study of drums, bass, guitar, piano, keyboards, singing. From the academic year 2019/20 you can reach the certifications also for the course of Music Production and Music Theory. The exams test the student on various musical fields and multiple skills: from the actual performance of unpublished songs to the technique, from reading to improvisation, not neglecting the ability to listen or the performance of songs at first sight for the higher levels.

For the preparation of these exams, the work of qualified in-house teachers is assisted by our international collaborators, through appointments that take place directly in-house or, optionally, in England during periods of cultural exchange. The training course is also supported by an online reserved area, available for each student. In the reserved on-line area the student can verify his own level of progress in the year compared to the expectations of the course.

Official exams center RSL Awards

Perform School of music is an official RSL Awards exams center (Rockschool Ltd).

The English RSL (Rockschool Ltd.) qualified examiners will, therefore, conduct the exam session directly at our office.
Certifications are recognized in over 50 Countries in the world.

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Professional goal

With the achievement of Grade 8th, it is possible to take the courses for obtaining the Degree ('L4') and to follow the Bachelor's Degree ('L6').

In order to obtain the higher qualifications "L4" and "L6" the student must have obtained the 8th grade to continue his studies and be over 18 years old.

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Working connections

Studying at the Perform School of music is a great opportunity for the student to get in touch with the reality of professionalism and start a concrete career path by working with music.
All Perform School students are eligible for internships in companies and music and entertainment agencies of national and international significance.

In addition, since the 2018/19 academic year, the label Blue Mama Records specialized in black music and the agency of music promotion BBQ Entertainment are both active as part of the interdisciplinary course in Music Industry and managed by advanced students of the school.

The multidisciplinary course in Music Industry brings your passion to the standards required by today's labor market.
The curriculum covers all the essential aspects to operate professionally in the music industry, providing students with the necessary tools to develop practical skills and a deep awareness of the functioning of today's music market.
The educational offer is structured to nurture and enhance autonomous managerial, entrepreneurial and creative skills, projecting the training experience into the concreteness of the current music market.

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Blue Mama Records

Blue Mama Records born as part of the Music Industry interdisciplinary course, it is run by advanced students of the Music Business course - www.scuoladimusicbusiness.com - of the Perform School of music in Turin, under the guidance of the teachers and course managers.

Perform Blog of music

BLOM - Blog of music

Our students can collaborate in the creation of blog contents for  "BLOM - Blog of music".
This allows them to interface with the professional world and implement their public relations skills and help their job placement.


International vision and mindset

The hard work carried out by the management in these years aims to help aspiring musicians develop a professional understanding of the music industry as a whole and with an international vision. The main partnerships allow, among other things, cultural exchanges between the students of the different locations, both in Nottingham and in London.
But also the possibility of working with our foreign colleagues at our Turin office, offering added value to in-house training.

Take a look at the official international prospectus of the MLC academy to understand Perform School of music context.

MLC Academy - Nottingham

The Music Learning Collective supports creative and professional growth to allow each student to achieve their goals.
Headquartered in Nottingham, the partnership allows students to study music even in international partner centers. 

I.c.m.p. - London

The collaboration with the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London has seen in recent years both teachers and students engaged in cultural exchanges, both in summer and winter. Full-immersion meetings held in Turin and London are stimulating and formative.



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PERFORM School of music

Our goal is to provide customers with international training, both in terms of teaching methods and mental approach to music, focusing our attention on the real problems encountered during the actual work of the musician, either working on tour or in the recording studio.

Our ultimate goal is to help aspiring musicians develop a professional vision of this job, and at the same time, we aim to provide our students with tools and skills that meet real-world expectations. We promote an approach that stresses the importance of the interaction between musicians, as opposed to other approaches just based on sterile competition. 
We believe that the most genuine driving force that leads to becoming a successful musician is the student motivation to constantly improve his/her own music skills.